Philanthropy Factory is a cause based creative studio. We're on a mission to make art, design, and ideas that make a difference with other people like us. If that's you, join us and scroll down for the full tour of your new creative department.  


Creativity is a force for good.

We provide artwork, graphic design, and creative services for anyone who wants to make a difference. We aim to use our creativity for a multitude of causes, whether it's helping to provide clean water, food for the homeless, or relief from natural disasters, our goal is to do whatever we can, however we can to give back to those in need.



Aka misfits, rebels, and beautiful trouble makers

Philanthropy Factory is led by a group of artists working on self initiated projects/ideas and artwork. The current roster includes: Remington Dayn-Ryan and Taylor Gahm. From collage and design, to photgrapnhy and film, our goal is to create for the common good by any medium necessary. 


Exploring the intersection of creativity and activism

The first project ever launched by Philanthropy Factory was a blog by the same name. It's purpose was and is to serve as an online hub inspiring and empowering creativity as a tool for positive change. On the blog you'll find tools, resources, artists, and tons of useful stuff for your artistic activism.


Are you an artist, designer, or anyone else who wants to better love thy neighbor and disrupt the status quo?