REHUMANIZE - taylor gahm

Rehumanize, short-circuits the thought process of sexual objectification going beyond skin deep to discover what it really means to be human.

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the brown bag project

Lunch bags repurposed into homeless care kits. 

good water.png


Bottled water for good. 


BE NOT AFRAID - Taylor gahm

In this first-of-it’s-kind movie,  where writer/director Taylor Gahm makes room in the faith-based genre with an unrated, irreverent exploration of faith, inadequacy and doubt. (NSFW)

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A website channeling videos aimed to positively affect it’s viewers.


TED TALK - Taylor gahm

Taylor lights himself on fire and "lets it all hang out" in this memorable, laugh-out-loud TED talk. “The Gift of Inadequacy” is a modern day re-telling of the Sermon on the an honest, NSFW kinda way.


WRECK YOURSELF - Taylor gahm

How to abandon your faith and find God. ‘Wreck Yourself’ is a collection of essays Taylor wrote and published from 2011-2013. This little book is a time capsule of sorts, preserving relics of thought during a spiritual awakening and transformation.